Hooch, Pieter de

1629 - 1684

A Soldier and his family in an Interior

Oil on canvas
62 x 78 cm

Walscapelle, Jacob van

1644 - 1727

A Still Life with Fruit

Oil on canvas
46 x 61 cm

Wautier, Michaelina

1617/1618 - 1689

A Shepherd

Oil on canvas
76 x 61 cm

Vlieger, Simon de

1601 - 1653

A Beachscene at Zandvoort

Oil on canvas
71.7 x 119.8 cm
signed and dated

Notable Sales

Among Bijl-Van Urk’s clients are collectors as well as museums worldwide. The rediscovery of one of the prime works by the Haarlem artist Pieter Soutman and its subsequent purchase by Washington’s National Gallery of Art marked a triumph.

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Heer, Margareta de

1600 - 1658

A Dutch Man-of-War

Pen on parchment
10.6 x 14.1 cm

Teniers, David

1610 - 1690

4 Men playing Cards

Black and red chalk
12.8 x 15.3 cm

Velde The Younger, Willem van de

1633 - 1707

Study of Sails Loosed for Drying

Graphite on paper
157 x 304 cm

Teniers, David

1610 - 1690

A Smoker and a Drinker

Pen on Parchment
12.5 x 8 cm
Signed: DT

About Us

The son of the restorer of paintings Martin Bijl, Sander Bijl was infused with the love for art from early on. Thus, at a very young age he started to develop a taste and a connoisseur’s eye for quality and condition.

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